The approach to Imakouyasan in Sera of Hiroshima
A place where the old and the present merge
Raise spirits by tea and food

Setsugetsufuka Fukuchiin




Telling the craftsman
through food

By using acquaintances and local ingredients, we aim to protect their livelihood, the circulation of the economy and resources, and deliver their excellence carefully.


the life of Satoyama

Making miso, gathering edible wild plants, pickling plums and cultivation of shiitake mushrooms. Inheriting the way of life rooted in the community, and passing it on to the next generation.


the tradition

A 170-year-old Fukuchi-in built in the Edo period. The floor fell off due to long disuse, and the garden was overgrown with weeds, but it was repaired over about one year by the hands of carpenters and other craftsmen. Even now, we are plagued by roof leaks, worm-hole, and infestation of beasts, but we protect this old building while taking action each time.


We consider
the environment

We do not use plastic as much as possible, reduce waste, and consider the flowing water.

For example

  • We choose materials that can be returned to nature, such as wood, glass, iron, and cloth, for vessels and interiors.
  • We avoid disposables as much as possible.
  • We cook food with ingenuity to minimize the waste of ingredients.
  • We use biodegradable and neutral detergents.

local employment

There are many women working at Fukuchi-in. We try to help each other and work flexibly in case of sudden events such as children having a fever or injuries.

native tea

Setsugetsufuka Fukuchiin serves Hiroshima native tea.

Seracho, which produced 300 tons of tea in the early Showa era. Due to the diversification of agriculture and the shortage of successors, many tea farms were abandoned. Meanwhile, Mr. Takahashi of TEA FACTORY GEN, who studied tea in Kyoto, Kagoshima, Nagano, etc., goes to Sera and is engaged in regeneration, cultivation, management and manufacturing of tea farms.
Instead of picking many times with fertilizers and pesticides, we pick only once or twice a year without pesticides or fertilizers to ensure that the tea trees are well nourished. We are working on sustainable agriculture that is resistant to drought and disease by raising native species that are not bred and rooted in the land.
Please enjoy the original "sweetness" of tea and the taste that a pure wind blows, not the "umami" by fertilizer.

Green tea

A refreshing scent. It has a mild astringency.

Roasted green tea

You can enjoy the fragrance by roasting.

Japanese black tea

There is little astringency and you can taste gentle sweetness.

Coarse tea

Natural sweetness. It has relaxing and gentle scent.

* The tea listed is an example.


At Fukuchiin, we offer homemade products that carefully processed from local ingredients, the food of producers who got to know through the information magazine "Hiroshima Food Newspaper (suspension of publication in February 2023)", and miscellaneous goods that "make your life a little happier". Please enjoy our products filled with the commitment of the maker at home.

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