About Setsugetsufuka Fukuchiin

About Setsugetsufuka Fukuchiin

About Fukuchiin

Setsugetsufuka Fukuchiin standing on the approach to Imakouyasan, a historic site in Seracho, Hiroshima Prefecture.
We renovated the shukubo built in the Edo period and reopened as a Japanese tea cafe.
We offer sweetness and buddhist cuisine using local ingredients including Hiroshima native tea.
We also sell "products that make your life a little happier".
Customers have a time to listen to the sounds of nature, see the colors of the four seasons and
stimulate the five senses.

About Setsugetsufuka Fukuchiin

About Imakouyasan

Imakouyasan is considered to be a sacred place of Shingon Esoteric Buddhism held by Kobodaishi in 822 (Heian period), and celebrates 1200 years since its founding in 2022. After prospered as a manor ruled by the Heike clan, Kishu Koyasan built "Imakouyasan" as a separated head temple and a local base in the west. The word "now" has the meaning of new. 7 halls and 12 temples were built and prospered, but many were lost due to natural disasters, wars of the Warring States period, and man-made disasters such as the great fire of the Edo period, and now only the main gate (Niomon), Anrakuin, Fukuchiin, the main hall of Ryuka-ji Temple, Kannon-do, Gogendo, Gomado, Juuoudou, Tanjou Shrine and bell tower remain. "Eleven-Faced Kannon" (Heian period) at Ryuka-ji Temple, the "lion mask" at Tanjou Shrine (Kamakura period), the "Wooden Nyu Myojin Seated Statue" and the "Wooden Seated Statue of Koya Myojin" (Kamakura period) are designated as National Important Cultural Properties.

The four seasons of ImakouyasanThe four seasons of Imakouyasan





A charming
spring to meet
with the
cherry blossoms

Following Somei Yoshino,
double-flowered cherry trees
bloom and announce
the arrival of spring

We are thrilled
with beautiful colors

Overgrown green maple leaves and red
arched bridge "Konohashi"

The contrast between
red and green burns is memorable

Take deep
breath for
deep green

And from the green season
to the madder season

Imakouyasan is also known
as a famous spot for autumn leaves

Red, yellow, orange
and other colors
are interwoven

it's covered
in snow

Winter of Sera is severely cold

Snow falling
heavily and quietly

Chartered kimono walk

[Charge for charter]
(tax included)

It is available for charter on Tuesday and Wednesday, when we are closed.
A beautiful flower garden on the Sera Plateau and one memorable photo along with the majestic grounds of Imakouyasan.
Please use it for pre-wedding photoshoot, coming of age day ceremony, the photos for shichigosan etc.
It is also possible to arrange photographers, kimono dressing and hair makeup.

1 hour: 5,500 yen, 3 hours: 13,200 yen, 8 hours: 33,000 yen
* Fee only for residents of Seracho: 3,300 yen per hour

  • 1 hour5,500 yen
  • 3 hours13,200 yen
  • 8 hours33,000 yen

Fee only for
residents of Seracho

  • 1 hour3,300 yen

* One staff provides service.
* Cancellation policy 50% the day before the booking day, 100% on the booking day
* We accept application for charter by wedding of Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from December to March and June. Please contact us for more information about prices.
* Please contact us separately for events, etc..
* Please note that we may not be able to accept reservation depending on the content of use.

[Kimono walk fee]
(tax included)

You can walk around Imakouyasan wearing antique kimono made of pure silk from the Taisho era to the early Showa era.

Female 3,960 yen / male 2,640 yen

  • Female3,960 yen
  • Male2,640 yen

* It includes kimono rental, kimono dressing, simple hair styling.
* We accept reservation from 2 people.
* We accept application until three days before the preferred day (please consult with us about the date and time).
* For regular holidays of Fukuchiin, kimono walk fee + chartered fee is required.
* Cancellation policy 50% the day before the booking day, 100% on the booking day

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